Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How do you like them apples?

Sunday 25th September was not a day like any other. It was a special day, a day set aside aside for celebrating the apple harvest and all things apple-y. I tried to convince my house-mates to come along  - 'There will be juice and tasty food and apple-themed fun. You can take a rare apple to an expert who will identify it for you!'

They pointed out how none of us has an apple that eludes identification in the first place and I went to apple day on my tod.

For my lunch I had some spiced pumpkin and apple soup with a beetroot and cheese pasty. Pretty yummy. 

The highlight of the day was the Apple Play performed by the brilliant Brighton Mummers. Check them out! The plot involved the exploits of a cantankerous worm and a sausage king. There was suspense, silliness and some songs too. Afterwards I came over with a sudden urge to go home and put a colander on my head - what more can you want from a show?

I cycled home on the Bike Train it creates 'a fun, visible and more protected environment within a mass ride.'  Its good to cycle with other people and music, and, hey, it makes a change from being constantly undertaken on Lewes road! I'm still at the stage with my cycling that returning home alive is cause for genuine celebration. Everything tastes lovely when you are alive. Which I totally am! Wooohoo.

I'm currently reading Andrea Levy's The Long Song the book thats been chosen for the Brighton City Reads project. I'm trying to get to the end before term starts and Aristotle, Hobbes and Habermas beckon me. That and I'm doing some volunteering at the Old Market for the events they're putting on and I'll look a bit of a plonker if I've not read it!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chocolate and Beetroot cake - the first cake I've baked in Brighton!

The little flat above the greasy spoon is starting to feel like home. But, as per usual in my life I've got only one problem. Whilst the flat has double glazing (ah so energy efficient!), good sized rooms, trees and grass out my window and most importantly no mould (yes, no mould!) there is a sizeable vent by window. Between the hours of 8am and 2pm, the vent emits the smell of bacon, chips and other unidentifiable fried objects. The air is sweet and savoury and heavy with fat, the opposite of what you want when you open the window to get some fresh air. I'm getting used to it but bacon, bacon is the enemy! 

Its also the first time I've used the funky purple scales Anna got me for Christmas. The colours are all  synchronized.

 I don't know much about being a grown up but I reckon it involves making as much mess as you like and then tidying it all up. Flinging chocolate at this cake by way of decoration was satisfying! 

P.S. The thermostat on the oven is totally fine. Massive relief after the infamous roasting veg at 60 C oven in Magdalen street.