Saturday, 15 November 2014

Cider Cake and a belated Bake Off round up

Cider Cake

In this cake bicarbonate of soda reacts with cider to make it rise. Mine rose too much in the middle like a child's erupting volcano science project. This cake has an apple-y tang and is surprisingly boozy. Next time I won't eat it for breakfast. 

The recipe came from some Paul Hollywood recipe leaflets my grandma saved for me from The Telegraph - thanks Nona! If you want to try it, you can find the recipe here

Some people think Paul Hollywood is a bit of a silver fox but I think he is plain creepy. I had to hide his piercing eyes under a pile of books. 

Things I baked whilst watching Bake Off

For the first episode I made Ruby Tandoh's Alfajores. These were really difficult to roll out but definitely worth it. I'm more that a bit of a fan of condensed milk so these biscuits went down a treat

Pies and Tarts week I made a (wait for it) Walnut, Apricot and Tuaca tart. Oh my. I adapted the recipe from the Pecan & Bourbon tart recipe in the Popina Book of baking and felt pretty clever about it. 

For the final I made an orange thyme and oilve oil cake (also from a Ruby recipe) but replaced the thyme with rosemary from the garden/yard. This got a good review from my housemate for its grown-up savoury but sweet flavour.

Newsflash! Ruby Tandoh's recipes are as good as her faces. Woah.

Friday, 14 November 2014

My first poached egg

In an attempt to lead a more pleasure-driven life I've been learning to get better at making cooked breakfast. This process generally entails making myself cooked breakfast for dinner, when I'm more alert. In time I'll be a bleary-eyed breakfast making pro. Right now, I've got a lot to learn - its a timings thing.

I used to think I only liked eggs 'in things' but a good friend and breakfast chef has recently turned me on to the joy of eggs.

I followed Felicty Cloake's method from her 'how to make the perfect...' column and whilst not perfect (lost some egg white in the whirlpool) it was a passable first attempt.

crumpets > toast