Monday, 23 August 2010

When things get messy grate beetroot.

My weekend was nightmarish. All you need to know is that the sort of catastrophe occurred that led to a phone call to Blockbuster Drain Service, the plumbing equivalent of Ghostbusters.

Anyway, I have been meaning to make these Beetroot fritters with lemon and saffron yoghurt from Yotam Ottolenghi's column the New Vegetarian for a while. The house was in such a mess I didn't think grating 250g of cooked beetroot then squeezing out the juice (the sort of activity that back home would have sent my Dad's blood pressure rocketing) was going to make much difference. Attempting to dry out the beetroot was tricky. To make the fritters bind together and fry effectively I ended up adding a couple of tablespoons of flour. That was a much more sensible solution, though I admit I relished the Lady Macbeth-like drama of beetroot blood on my hands.
Take these things...

I did some substituting on the fresh herb front because I'm pretty challenged on the keeping-green-things-alive front so I replaced them with a healthy shake of dried oregano. Also, lacking saffron and lemon I made a tasty sauce with tahini lime and with yoghurt instead. So that is quite a bit of tweaking but fundamentally this flavour combination is ace: earthy, tangy and sweet.
and make this!

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