Saturday, 1 October 2011

Constantly risking absurdity and death every time I ride my bicycle

Cycling in Brighton is significantly more frightening than in Norwich. Lewes road is hazard perception world of adventure. Buses stopping or pulling out, cars turning left and coming out at you from side roads, pedestrians everywhere. Luke's top tip is to be paranoid and know what is going on behind you. Great in theory, but when I look behind me the danger of swerving into the line of traffic is a bit real. I've been going round the park looking over my shoulder until I get giddy and/or spook out the dogs and the children.

I've just ordered myself a book called Cyclecraft. It sounds like a wheely form of witchcraft but its actually 'the complete guide to safe and enjoyable cycling for adult and children' I'll have you know. Driving theory but for bicycles, just what I need.

Meet Willow the Wisp and/or Sir Walter Raleigh since I am yet to ascertain the gender of this machine. Regardless, I think I'm in good company in my choice of cycle - take a look at these other cool ladies who ride Raleigh Wisps!

In this picture you can't see the sticker on the bell (that I affixed myself!) that reads 'I heart my bike.' You can, however, see my socks tucked into my trousers ready to ride!

And, for the record Mum, I AM LOOKING OUT FOR BUSES! 

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