Sunday, 16 October 2011

Marvellous Marrows

The greengrocer was telling me how tasty marrows are stuffed with mince but then thought I was probably vegetarian, a fair assumption since this guy knows the full extent of my vegetable habit, I've got curly hair and I wear a lot of green. I'm not keen on mince so I searched for a vegetarian recipe on the bbc website and found Nigel Slater's Marvelous Marrow. Marvellous marrow, you say? A recipe that sounds like a children's story book - count me in! The marrow is roasted in a greaseproof paper parcel with feta, cherry tomatoes and chilli. Tasty stuff.

Student life is... cooking for five and then remembering you only have three pairs of knives and forks. Ooops. 

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