Thursday, 21 June 2012

Vegan Earl Grey Shortbread

My first foray into vegan baking and the results are pleasantly surprising. I was skeptical because, well, baking is all about butter, right?!

The recipe is from the Cake Liberation Front, a social group in Manchester who aim to push the boundaries of vegan baking and challenge stereotypes about dry flapjack. Check out their slick-looking website complete with awesome slogans like 'Rise Up!' and 'Flour Power!'

I followed this recipe but I translated it from (pesky) cups to grams with the help of the conversions here. So, quantities in metric are: 

112g vegan margarine
75g icing sugar
150g plain flour
1/8 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1/8 teaspoon salt
contents of 3 earl grey teabags

The method involves mixing, rolling and baking. You know the drill.


They look a bit funny because they are speckled with bits of tea. Freeing the tea from the teabags was superfun!

Guest what? These biscuits are good with tea. Biscuits are good with tea. Full stop.

I think I'll be doing more vegan baking, if only because I have loads of margarine left and I'm curious. Watch this space...

P.S. Let butter know I don't love her any less.

P.P.S. I'm still stacking like a boss *grin*

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