Sunday, 9 December 2012

My first Bundt!

When I finished my masters I bought myself a bundt tin to congratulate myself. At £2.99 from ALDI my place as one of the last of the big spenders is secured - woop woop! I've been meaning to use it for a while but since I've moved home and Mum is also about baking things I've had to wait for an opportune moment when the house was not already full of baked goods. I've never used a bundt tin before so I wanted to practice in prepartation for making something spectacular for Christmas.... watch this space!

I adapted the recipe from Brendan Bakes Spiced Apple Pecan Bundt Cake halving the ingredients because my bundt pan is only 1 litre rather 2. I still used 2 eggs because 1 and a half eggs is not practical and I used two pears and one apple as we had some pears that had seen better days that needed using up. The smaller bundt took 35 minutes rather than an hour to bake.

Turning it out the bundt is a little bit nerveracking. I found a combination of easing a knife around the edge, hitting it with a rolling pin and swearing helps.

All that effort for a cake... with a hole. This recipe turned out well, the spices could have been a bit stronger so I'll add more cinnamon next time. 

I'll leave you with one of my favourite moments from My Big Fat Greek Wedding - 'there's a hole in this cake!'

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